Le Moulin de Ducey-Normandy


It will take you several days to discover this bay and the Normandy countryside. On the Normandy coast, treasures await you. Like most of our guests, attracted by Mont Saint Michel and it’s Abbey …, you will come back soon for its huge bay and it’s landscapes. Your trip or weekend will remain a nice surprise, we aren’t going to tell you more …

Mont Saint Michel and its Abbey

  • visit around 5h

The crossing of the bay, Genêts to Mt Saint Michel

  • From 3 to 6h

The bay walk from Mont Saint Michel

  • visit around 3h

Green Lane “The Véloscénie” Ducey – The Mont Saint Michel

  • from 16 to 30km with a visit of Mont, around 8h

The Lude Valley and the Painters Valley

  • Approximately 2.5 hours

Impressive Great Tides Unique in Europe

  • allow 3h

Discovery of the very traditional village of ‘Ducey the Cheris’

  • 1h

Canoe trip from Sélune to Mt St Michel (Passing in front of the hotel)

  • 3h

The Normandy Coast Road, destination Granville

  • 5h

Tasting Bouchot mussels and fresh fish, Granville Lunch

The Mongommery Castle, visit and ” Ducey Code” game

  • 2h

The Abbey of Lucerne

  • 2h

The Chausey Islands, fishing and discovery

  • 10h

The landing beaches in Normandy, D-Day

  • 10h

The Bayeux Tapestry

  • 8h

Flight over the Bay of Mont Saint Michel (Helicopter, ULM, ..)

  • 2h

Villedieu les Poêles, copper city, manufacture of bells

  • 4h


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Mont-Saint-Michel Bay